Our Wedding Photographers don’t stage photos. We prepare the setting for the special moment to take place

Our photographers don’t stage photos. We prepare the setting for the special moment to take place. As one of the most creative groups of wedding photographers in Kelowna, we’re passionate about portraying love, life, and partnering with couples on creating wonderful images that show their close bond. Besides wedding photography, we create beautiful images for engagement parties as well.

Kelowna wedding photography - Wedding photographers Kelowna

Kelowna Wedding photography realizes that hiring a professional wedding photographer is a huge decision. Through our years of experience photographing weddings, we have created and cultivated a process and a devotion. This means you can hire us with certainty, understanding that you’ll get incredible photos that show the story of your day.

At our first meeting, we’ll walk you through our process and hear about your wedding and what you want your special day to be like. We have a comprehensive checklist that we use to list all of the crucial details.

How do you want these pictures to seem? They’re the one physical reminder you’ll have all the emotion and love that was present at your wedding. Tell us what you have envisioned for your wedding, and we can speak about how to get it in camera. This isn’t about what we want. This is all about you and what you want.

Your wedding photos are items you’ll cherish and look back on for many years. They are part of your heritage. They hold the emotion, feeling, and memory of your wedding day, as well as provide a glimpse into who you were as a couple. You might want to show these pictures to your children or grandchildren who want to see what you were like back then.

Kelowna wedding photography - Wedding photographers Kelowna

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