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When looking for wedding photographers Okanagan Area, we  know how stressful planning a wedding can be and for this reason, alone, we don’t like stressing our clients by having real complex wedding packages and pricing structures. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A day you have been envisioning for years. You are worthy of gorgeous and fabulous wedding photographs that capture the real essence of your wedding. This is where Kelowna Wedding Photography comes in.

We offer professional wedding photography in the Kelowna, BC and Okanagan Valley, BC areas, and our approach is simple. Our team likes to give our clients customized wedding photographs that suit their needs and individual requirements.

Kelowna wedding photography - Wedding photographers Kelowna

You will find that we don’t create an issue about making a few extra pictures or an extra hour for you. Our aim is to give you full photography service and coverage. Our fundamental goal is to give you timeless and quality wedding photographs, keepsakes for you to treasure forever. Remember unlike your wedding caterer or the DJ, this investment lets you keep memories that you will love for a lifetime.

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With us, the first step is to talk. Email or call us and let us know your wedding date. If we’re available, let’s set up a meeting. At the meeting, you’ll be able to see the various album choices as well as wedding photo samples. We’ll form a timeline and talk about all the specifics of your wedding.

Wedding photographs are more than just pictures. They’re precious family heirlooms that should be kept, enjoyed and shown to reminisce over. It is our gift that we have the capability to catch these moments now to save them for you.

You have gone above and beyond to invest in your wedding day, from the venue to the décor, the wedding attire to the catering, to get all your family and friends in the same place at the same time. Your wedding day should be incredible and loving, with all the passion shining through. It is our complete intention to provide you with timeless photographs of your wedding that will live a lifetime.