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Select Your Wedding Spots In Kelowna

If you wish to select a great venue for your upcoming wedding photography in Kelowna, here are some popular spots you could consider. Indeed, nothing can beat a scenic wedding venue in this town and these spots make the most of their scenic location to attract wedding customers in and around the region.


A golf resort in Kamloops

This is a luxury resort to consider for a wedding weekend plan. Not only would it be ideal for your wedding reception, but help you plan an entire week of fun-filled wedding activities here. You could book a wedding week package that will help you plan your bridal showers, martini nights with your friends, have golf outings for your gentlemen friends and finally end the week-long celebration with a memorable wedding reception, all with a backdrop of breathtaking views that the location is famous for.


Waterfront properties

There are several resorts and spa based facilities that have waterfront locations. As Lake Okanagan is the center point of scenic beauty in Kelowna, it stands to reason that the waterfront hotels and resorts are often preferred choices for weddings. One such place is the Summerland Waterfront resort and spa located right on the waterfront area, you will get the best of both – the wine country located by the shores as well as lakeside facilities. Hence, you can take your pick of the location of your wedding and book wedding package deals that the resort offers.

Lake Okanagan Resort is another property by the lakefront that boasts of 300 acres of recreational area. Hence, it is ideal for hosting sprawling wedding receptions with the lake as a backdrop. The four-star facility has different kinds of accommodation on offer which makes it ideal for a wedding weekend destination for many.

Besides waterfront properties, there are cruise boats that help you celebrate your special day right on the waters. The Lake Lounge is one such luxury cruise boat that is ideal for wedding party hire.


Other venues in Kelowna

Besides the waterfront properties, you can look at Sunset Ranch, which offers a golf course right in the Okanagan Valley. With stunning facades that make an excellent backdrop for wedding photography in Kelowna, the country club also offers excellent dining and banquet facilities. The other centers comprise of popular hotels, conference centers and other venues that have halls ready for renting out.