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There have been plenty of wedding trends that have taken shape in the past few years from dangling decor to photo booths and decorative lounges. These days’ couples are looking at various ways and means of making their wedding very special and attractive. They knew that it is one of the most important occasions in their life that do not come every single day and hence they want to make the most of it. If you too are looking to make your Kelowna wedding one to remember for a long time, then make use of some of the latest wedding trends discussed below during your wedding.

The bigger and better trends for your Kelowna wedding

You can think of adding a personal touch to the wedding celebration in order to make it unique and different. If you have some budget to spend, then you can think of an infinite number of ways to make your wedding the most happening and trending event in Kelowna area.

Unique food presentations

The normal buffet style food service is not a trend anymore. It is now time for self-service bars and snacks. You will find many hanging shelves filled with cheese and other snacks in the bar area. The dessert section has also got a major flip over and now you will find different kinds of desserts being served other than the cakes and ice creams. Doughnuts in caramel sauce or with ice cream on top and also sundae bar and other food interactive stations are the trending ones as far as wedding catering is concerned.

Having a green theme

These days the décor ideas are far away from a natural setting. You can make the change by bringing the natural outdoors into the wedding hall. You can create a forest effect in the ballroom by adding some big potted plants in the room. You can use stone and wood on the tables to create a natural setting. If you are a person who is concerned about the environment, then celebrating a green wedding is the best that you can do to the environment.