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If you wish to add a unique angle to your wedding photos hire someone with an artistic flair who would take a unique approach to plan your wedding pictures. Many professional photographers who cover wedding occasions in Kelowna employ unique effects as well as choose unusual backdrops for capturing images of the couple and others who are central to their wedding.

Unique Angles

Unique and artistic approaches to wedding photography in Kelowna can comprise of contrast effects applied or choosing settings as per the style or preferences of the wedding couple. Often artistic photos could be candid and capture the emotions of the moment, provide the angles from the ground up or a bird’s eye view of the wedding reception. Most artistic wedding photographers like to explore the surroundings of the wedding venue in order to find interesting backdrops against which he or she can photograph the wedding couple. For instance, couples could be knee deep in ocean water, be amidst a corn field or stand in a vat of grapes and so forth. Such unusual settings come by as per the region or location for the wedding photography in Kelowna.

Natural settings

In order to add an artistic flair to wedding photos, a photographer would prefer taking photos of the couple in natural surroundings in Kelowna for wedding photography. This could be with waterfalls as a backdrop or create distorted images of the couple by placing them behind the veil of falling water. Depending on the place of the wedding, the photographer would scout the surroundings to find ideal and scenic places to take such shots. Usually, these shots are taken a few days before the wedding when the couple is free and the wedding ceremony rituals have not yet begun.

Showcasing relationships

The main element that is the focus on artistic wedding photography is showcasing relationships. Hence, the bonds between the couple to be wedded, the relationship between a bride and her parents or mother, with the flower girl or her bridesmaids are usually brought out by interesting settings and arrangements. These could be arranged or taken candidly and usually are processed with different effects to bring out a unique angle or focus in these images. Hence, artistic photography takes a different angle in contrast to the traditional way wedding images are taken. Many people like the angles and the effects that are evident in such photography style and wish to get photos taken in such a way for their wedding.

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